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Saturday, November 29, 2008

We are here!

Cultrure Shock!!!  We were hit with it right as we left the airport, where a sea of faces greet you as you try to exit the building, and porters are aggressively grabbing at your luggage.  After a 25 minute drive in crazy traffic, where you feel like the driver is sure to hit someone, we arrived at the guest home, and Maea shed a few tears.  This was a lot to process for a 10 year old.  Everyone is exhausted and feeling a little dizzy from the altitude.
Emme and I are emailing while Jay and Maea are still sleeping.  We'll eat a quick bite here shortly and then go out to explore a bit with a guide from the Guest Home.
It's very warm and very dry here and from the plane we had a clear view of the dessert and the Nile River.  We are told it cools off considerably at night.  We are looking forward to meeting the boys on Monday and trying to remember not to slip up and brush our teeth with the water.  Hopefully we will be able to get an internet connection and keep the blog up to date.  Would someone please email my yahoo account and let me know if this blog posts.  Love to all!  Karen


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Just sent you an email! :)

alisa said...

So glad you made it safely...what an amazing experience this is going to be for your family!!!
Alisa :)

Karen said...

glad you made it safely! I hope your trip goes well and that your boys adjust to their new family with ease. :)

*karen b

The Rutlands said...

So glad you all made it safely. I'll be praying for Maea. Can't wait till Monday for you guys!

Pete Juvinall said...

Yeah! We left a little love for you at the guest home :).