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Monday, December 14, 2009

Child Profiles Coming Soon ....!

Children's Hopechest is finalizing the profiles on each of the children at "Kind Hearts" carepoint in Ethiopia. We should have profile information on each of the kids by the first week of January (if not sooner)! Everyone that has contacted me about child sponsorship - I will contact you as soon as I have the information. We left this care-point with enough food and funding for about 30-45 days - just enough to bridge the gap until sponsorship. 56 kids at "Kind Hearts" are hopeful about their future because of YOU!

I'd love to give you a quick tour of "Kind Hearts"! Below is the cinder-block building with 4 rooms. Three of them are used as classrooms and the fourth is an office. That container off to the left is potential additional space for a classroom.

Below is a view of the "kitchen". The open door on the left is where an open fire is made on the floor with a large pot for rice or beans. The door on the right is a storage room (empty except for a small bag of rice).

The grounds have a well-used and loved swing-set and teeter-totter. And look at the view!!! There is quite a bit of land that can be planted with small garden plots, used for cattle grazing, planted and harvested with large areas of wheat (tef), an area used for chicken coops, areas to plant seedlings that can be sold to area farmers, and a building with woodworking equipment that can be used to generate income as well as teach a trade to area students. So much potential at this single location if we can start by getting each child sponsored and then working together from there to form micro-businesses for women and older students so they have the opporunity for self-sufficiency.

Here are just a few of the precious kids at "Kind Hearts" awaiting sponsors and looking forward to regular meals (instead of one meal of rice on Wednesdays)!


Sarah said...

Hi Karen-When you have sponsorship details, our family would like to try to be involved. You can e-mail me at

Thanks! Sarah

Sarah said...

Hello Karen,

I am the sister of Becky Burk. She recently adopted Ezra from Ethiopia. I really want to sponsor a child, so if you could send me more information via email that would be great! Please contact me at

Erin Moore said...

Oh I remember these sweet faces!!! I'm so glad you guys are getting these kids sponsored!!