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Saturday, December 5, 2009

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It's Sunday morning here in Ethiopia and we will be leaving for church shortly.  We just met with Robel and made arrangements to meet up with him and his street kids this afternoon.  Stores might be closed so we may not be able to get them shoes, but we will take the boys to lunch and hopefully be able to pick up some school supplies for them.

Robel has big plans for his street kids ministry and he has applied with the government for an NGO so that he can get his program developed.  He estimates it will take 4-5 months to get his license and then he will be ready for sponsorship.

Jay, Emme & Maea - one thing that is different from last time we were here.  Other than the dogs barking all night, it is much quieter here at night.  The churches are not doing the singing over the loudspeakers at night, and do you remember the schools that did the loudspeaker singing in the early morning?  They don't do that anymore either.  So even though I am staying in the exact same neighborhood - it is so much quieter.  We are on the top floor of the 2nd guest home (within a one block distance from the first guest home - which I can see from the balcony).  Me, Candy, Heather and Shiloh are sharing the top floor, which is one big room with 4 beds - kindof reminds me of college days with room-mates.

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