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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Update Coming Soon!

We just arrived back in Addis from Kombalcha.  As it turned out, it took us 11 hours to get there and 10 hours of driving to get back.  I normally do not like spending any lengthy time in a vehicle - but this was the most amazing, interesting and treacherous drive I have ever experienced.  I have so much to share but it needs to wait a few hours.  There is a line of people waiting to use the computer.

The children at this particular carepoint were in desperate need.  We spent Wednesday afternoon with them and half of the day on Thursday.  Some of them were just skin and bone and once the shyness wore off, they just wanted to hold hands and shower you with kisses.

We were playing a parachute game with them and they were scrambling to be the one standing next to me - and then they would secretly kiss my arms as we were playing.  They were so desperate for love and attention - and we gave it to them!  The pastor said that it has been 8 years since they had a group of visitors from the U.S.

We spoke with the pastor at this carepoint, asking what their biggest needs were.  FOOD -he said.  They need all kinds of things - clothing, school supplies, shoes but none of that matters and they can't learn in school when they are starving.  I actually saw some of the kids chewing on grass.  We ended up leaving $2000 with the pastor to buy food for the children ($500 of that came from those of you who sent money with me.)  What a difference that money will make for those children until we can get the sponsorship program running.

More to come - I will blog again in a few hours.  All is well - everyone is tired and a bit sore from the drive but spirits are high and we are looking forward to tomorrow!

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Karla said...

Loved your letter - deeply touching! Love you and what you're doing! - Karla