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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Today was Father's Day and for TWELVE more children at "Trees of Glory" care-point in Ethiopia - they now have the provision, prayers and love of a sponsor family!!!  These precious kids are fatherless - but they are loved by a father and mother half a world away!!

There are 84 children attending "Trees of Glory" care-point in Ethiopia.  Most of these kids are orphans and are living with a relative or neighbor that has taken them in, but is not able to provide for them. 

Many of the kids have been "sold" as indentured servants to local livestock owners, herding cattle night and day, for $12 per year.  TWELVE DOLLARS PER YEAR!!!!  With no opportunities for school, and barely enough food to survive.  Can you imagine being faced with this choice??  "Selling" one of the kids in your care, so that you can feed the others? 

The Ethiopian government has acutally intervened on behalf of the kids (they have rescued them from a life of grinding poverty and hopelessness) and are requiring the guardians to bring the children to the care-point - where they will be provided for through a sponsor program!

As of today - 46 of these kids have been matched with a sponsor family - but there are still 38 children that need a sponsor family.  Please contact me at if you are interested in sponsoring a child - rescuing them from a life of poverty,  and providing food, clothing, medical care, Christian discipleship and an EDUCATION!! 

You will be changing a child's life - and in the process, that child just might change yours!!

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HouseofHerwehes said...

YAY!! Praise God for bringing sponsors for 12 more precious children!! Thank you for sharing this great news!