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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Made with love for "Kind Hearts" kids!

A few months ago, I posted about the tattered and torn, and filthy clothes that the kids at Kind Hearts were wearing.  Literally, the clothes they were wearing, were the only clothes they owned. 

They didn't have "school clothes" and "church clothes" and "play clothes" and pajamas.  They had the dirty, stained, torn and stinky clothes that they wore every day - to school, to play and to sleep.

Of course, all that has changed since each of these kids has come to personally know the love and provision of a sponsor family.  Not only do the kids have new school uniforms that they wear with such pride - but one of the sponsor families (Mullins) made T-shirts for ALL of the kids (and staff) at Kind Hearts and sent them with one of the Children's Hopechest staff when they travelled to Ethiopia (click here to read the original post). 

When Ginia (from Children's Hopechest) handed out the T-shirts to the kids, she said that the teachers and the school director were able to find a shirt that fit them as well.  There was one t-shirt left over and it was given to the guard, and he held it like it was a cherished possession and explained that he had never been given anything like that before!

Our sponsor families are making a loving and lasting impression at Kind Hearts - not only for the kids, but for everyone that is associated with the school in Ethiopia!

This is the Mullins family as they screen-printed the T-Shirts for Kind Hearts.

Here are the kids and staff at Kind Hearts wearing their new T-shirts!

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