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Thursday, June 3, 2010

My brother and me ...

Can you imagine being a 7 year old boy, completely alone in the world except for your "big" brother who is 8 years old?

These sweet little boys have lost both of their parents, and are now living with their uncle. 

Thankfully, they have a family member to care for them, but that family member is barely able to provide food and clothing - and let's face it, nothing can replace the love of a mommy, and the protection and provision of a daddy. 

The two boys are now attending "Trees of Glory" care-point, two hours North of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.  They've been told by the staff at Children's Hopechest that there is a family in America who loves them and is going to make sure they go to school and have good food to eat every day. 

They really don't know if they can believe it - but they hope it's true.

Abenet is 8.

Abey is 7.

Will YOU be the sponsor family these brother's are hoping for?  Please email me at

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Apryl said...

This breaks my heart, Karen. How many children have sponsors so far? Getting on my blog to post right now, sending an email out hoping others will choose to sponsor one of these incredible children.