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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Wishing You a Weekend Filled with Awe and Wonder!

This time last year, our two sons, adopted from Ethiopia, experienced the 4th of July in America for the very first time. 

They had already taken their first steps on U.S. soil.  They had experienced airplanes, elevators, escalators, and drinking fountains for the very first time. 

They had walked into their very own bedroom, with a closet full of clothes, and with surprise, asked  ...  "For me?".  They had opened a pantry and a refrigerator fully stocked with food, and I saw their eyes go a little wide - just a little. 

And although everything was a bit overwhelming and confusing at first, they really never expressed AWE or JAW-DROPPING AMAZEMENT.

I remember taking them on our first family vacation to Florida and looking forward to seeing their faces as they first glimpsed the ocean and endless, white sand beaches.  "This is the ocean!!!!!!" I exclaimed "Look how big the waves are!!!  The ocean is so big, you can't even see the other side!!!  I was expecting amazement and some acknowledgement of the magnificence of the vast ocean.  Instead - I got a nonchalant shoulder shrug and they went to digging holes in the sand.  I sighed. 

Another time, we took them to the zoo.  Here too, I was looking for an expression of amazement and great interest in all the animals they had never seen before - not even in books or on TV!!!  Again - not impressed.  I sighed again ...

And then the 4th of July arrived ... and we went boating, and went to a carnival, and watched a parade.  Evening came and after a picnic and grill-out, and sparkler and mini-fire crackers with all the cousins, it became quiet and darkness descended. 

But instead of going to bed like we do every other night, we got in the boat and motored out to the middle of the lake where hundred of other boats were already anchored, with people talking in hushed tones as they waited with great anticipation.  We explained to the boys what was about to happen - and our daughters went to great lengths to describe the colors and loud explosions of the fireworks.

And then that first spark shot upward - and all eyes turned to follow the fiery trail as it arced into the sky. 

B - O - O - M ! 

It echoed across the lake, vibrating in our chest cavities.

It was followed by several more fiery sparks shooting into the sky. 

And both of the boys, in unison, dropped their mouths wide open in awe and never took their eyes from the sky!

Yes!!!  Finally a little shock and awe and amazement!!! 

Flickers of fear rippled across their faces for just an instant - but with a quick glance at our smiling faces and "oooohs" and "aaaaaaahs" of amazement.  The fear and concern immediately evaporated, and they turned their faces back to the sky and watched with great fascination as our country celebrated freedom!

From our family to yours .... we wish you a holiday filled with awe and wonder!!!!


Jaime & Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures thanks for sharing! This is Mamo's first 4th of July!! Jaime

Apryl said...

Love this! The pictures are fantastic, but the story tops it :)