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Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Milestones should be made much of ... and we are now serving ONE HUNDRED children at Kind Hearts care-point in Ethiopia (through Children's Hopechest) -  and ALL of the kids are sponsored!!

The photos above were taken by Paul and Jenn Cooper when they visited Kind Hearts on January 11 to meet the children they sponsor.

100 children have come to know they can rely on nutritious food every day, loving attention and care from their teachers and care-givers, and a Christian education that will break the hold of poverty on their lives!  A team of 16 people from St. Joseph, MO will be travelling to Ethiopia in March and they will be delivering letters to the kids from their sponsor families!

There are 2 more children that will have their profiles done soon (and they already have sponsor families waiting for them!) which will bring us to 102 kids at Kind Hearts.

The final bidding process for the fresh-water well project is underway right now, and as soon as the licenses and government permits are in place, we will be breaking ground!  All of the funds for the well have been raised by St. Jo Christian School (SJCS) in St Joseph, MO who will have a team on the ground in March!!

Trees of Glory care-point is now serving 99 children and every child is sponsored!!  Nick and Jessica Irvin just returned from Ethiopia and they delivered letters to the children from their sponsor families.

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That is so awesome!!