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Friday, February 11, 2011

Tomorrow .... they walk a little taller!

To all of the Kind Hearts sponsor families. 

To everyone that bought a bottle cap necklace from Samantha Davidson (Little Goody Two Shoes) to provide funds for shoes. 

To everyone that donated for our Kind Hearts shoe fund ...


Today in Ethiopia, our 99 children at "Kind Hearts" care-point got a very special gift. 

Just a little something from all of us ... to all of them. 

A little reminder that we love them and pray for them - and we want their little feet to be protected from the jagged rocks, broken glass and thorns as they walk to and from school every day.

I can imagine 99 kids going to bed tonight ...

some of them holding their new shoes while they sleep

some placing a protective arm across them

some placing them near their head before they fall off to sleep, one last peek before darkness falls.

This much I know ... they did not get kicked off at the door and left in a jumbled pile. 

A good pair of shoes gives a child dignity and self-worth.  Many a child will wake tonight and reach out to touch their shoes and they will say a prayer of thanksgiving ... for the shoes and for the people who sent them with love.

And on the way out the door tomorrow ... they will walk a little taller and wonder about these people, these families, that love them from afar. 

And they love you back.  They told me so.


Kim said...

Oh my, the tears!! This is such a good reminder of all of the things that we each take for granted everyday, like having shoes that aren't worn through the bottoms. Thank you for that!

STEVEN said...

This makes my heart soar :)