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Monday, February 21, 2011

Snowy Respite ...

If you've heard crickets from this blog lately, it's because we've been battling the flu (not the stomach variety - but the fever, head-ache, body-ache, coughing, congestion, can't get off the couch for 3-4 days straight variety of influenza).  Jayden and I are the only ones to have not succumbed to it ... so far.

It started last Friday when Jay came down with it, spending all day Saturday in a haze of pain and throbbing head-ache.  By Monday, Emme had it and missed 3 days of school.  By Wednesday, just as Emme was recovering, Wesley started coughing, two rivers flowing from his nose, and his eyes had that feverish stare.  Thursday night, Maea came down with it and as of last night, she has started moving again.

On Saturday night, as we ate dinner, Wesley started coughing (hard enough to gag) and he threw up his dinner right into his bowl.  Everyone immediately cleared the table - I've never seen them all move so fast.  It was like a bomb went off on the table and they all dove for cover.  And there sat me and Wesley - him looking at me with wide eyes and wondering where THAT had come from?!?!?!?  I looked at Jay and said, "WHEN DOES IT END?!?!?!?"

Evidently ... after 9 days of somebody being sick, it ended last night. :)  It seems that everyone is on the road to a full recovery.

Late last night, as the snow continued to fall and the wind picked up speed, whipping the flakes into dangerous drifts and white-outs, school (for Jay) and work (for me) were cancelled.  The kids already had a day off for President's Day - but for Jay and me, it came as a surprise. 

A snow day?  That's a first for me ... in the 7 years that I have worked for Dura Supreme (cabinetry), I can't remember a snow day.  It's pretty rare in Minnesota where it snows 8 months out of the year :)



Kim said...

Oh my goodness.. I am so glad to hear that everyone is feeling better, that sounds horrible!

Debb said...

So glad you got your snow day after everyone was starting to feel better again! Makes it more fun! Sorry to hear how sick your family has been ~ may you and Jayden stay clear of it all! :D

Apryl said...

We had 5 storms in 8 days--but in Orlando we missed it until last night arriving home to a flooded basement and limb crashed into our garage from one ice storm. I'm ready to move and we only have winter for 4 months of the year! Add sick kids stuck in the house--give me some SPRING :) Glad that your fam is feeling better!