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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I've been given a few gems, and I've shared a few too ...

I love coming away from a conversation knowing something new!

It seems that I've had a few gems given to me lately and I've shared a few of my own too.  I've discovered that each family seems to have a few "tips and tricks" that they take for granted because they've "always done it that way" and they thought that "everyone did it that way." :)

If you have a tip or trick that makes everyday life a little easier, email me at  I'll one each week!

Gem #1:

Use a pizza cutter to slice pancakes, waffles and even sandwhiches into bite-sized pieces for little kids.  It cuts fast and doesn't tear the bread or pancake like a knife does.  (Slice before drizzling with syrup.)

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