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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MUCH progress at Trees of Glory in Ethiopia!!

Jessica and Nick Irvin (who sponsor a child at Trees of Glory) just returned from Ethiopia and a visit to Trees of Glory care-point where we are serving 100 orphaned and destitute children by providing nutritious meals, clean water, medical care and a safe place to learn in a loving, Christian environment.  Nick had first visited Trees of Glory in September and he enthusiastically reports that there has been MUCH progress at TOG since his last visit!  (All photos provided by Jessica Irvin.)

The school and classrooms have been painted a bright green and the classrooms have chalk-boards and other basic supplies.  The playground has been expanded to include a swing-set and parallel bars in addition to the merry-go-round and slide that were already there.  A field adjacent to the playground has been cleared and goal-posts erected for a soccer field - for the TOG soccer team!

Our construction team built a kitchen when we were there in November - and that kitchen now includes a covered walk-way to the building next door which is being used as a cafeteria.

Livestock has been purchased (from the livestock fundraiser in December), and one of the cows was pregnant and has given birth to a calf.  The barn has also been completed - with a guard shack to protect the valuable cows from predators and theft.  A vegetable garden has been planted near the river, and another garden closer to the kitchen.  TOG is rapidly becoming more and more self-sufficient, and better able to care for and provide for the 100 children in their care.

Shown above:  the barn and guard shack. 

Shown above:  just behind the fence is the vegetable garden,
irrigated using water from the river.

One of the projects our team was involved with in November, was painting the interior rooms of the building that would soon become a dormitory for orphaned children - so they have a place to call home.  Our team also replaced broken windows and locks on the doors.  While Nick and Jessica were visiting, the staff showed them that this building has now been outfitted with bunk beds for the kids that live at the care-point full time.

Nick and Jessica delivered letters and photos to the children from their sponsor family!  Simret, the care-point director, is genuinely filled with joy for each child who hears from their sponsor family.  She knows how much it means to each child!  (If a child did not get a letter, Jessica had a small gift and bible verse for each child so that noone would feel left out.)

And Nick got to re-connect with the orphaned boy, Mitiku, who he first met in September.  Mitiku is now living at the care-point full time and is sponsored by Nick parents!!  (For the story about Nick and Mitiku, click HERE.)

For more updates from Jessica about their visit to Trees of Glory, please visit her blog at or click HERE for her specific update on progress at the care-point.


Unknown said...

So thrilled to read this update!

Greta said...

In our state's unrest, I really needed this to put things all in perspective! I love this progress since being there in Nov! What a blessing. I can just see Simret's joy in that picture!

Unknown said...

I just had to comment again, that boy laying on his bed looks SO HAPPY to have a space to call his own. Love it!