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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today, she took a turn for the worse ... (Urgent prayer and funds needed for medical treatment)

Sunday Night Update: 
We just got an update on Webit from the Hopechest staff in Ethiopia.  The details are still sketchy and the email is a bit hard to understand due to the language barrier but this is what we know.

Webit had surgery yesterday and she awoke from anesthesia in the afternoon.  She was talking and her voice sounded strong.  This morning she was able to sip some tea.  Her family is incredbily thankful - the email expresses gratitude to her sponsor family and everyone that is praying for her and helping with the medical fund. 

Over and over they praise God and give thanks.  They felt like "death was knocking at the door" and that this surgery and medical care were just in time.  They are praising God for this intervention and are asking for continued prayers as her little body fights the infection and as she recovers.  As soon as we have more information, I will update here. 

Please keep Webit and her family in your prayers.

UPDATE:  $895 raised so far for Webit's medical care.  Children's Hopechest is in touch with the team in Ethiopia for any updates over the weekend.  If there is any news, I will post an update here.  Please keep Webit (7 years old) in your prayers this weekend as she gets much-needed medical care and doctors determine her treatment and her prognosis.

One of the kids that attend "Trees of Glory" care-point in Ethiopia has been admitted to the hospital today for an urgent situation.  Please read the email that I just sent to all sponsor families at Trees of Glory and Kind Hearts in Ethiopia.  Urgent prayers are needed for this precious 7 year-old little girl, as well as funds for her medical treatment and care.  I will post updates as soon as we have any new information.

This is Webit's profile photo.

Dear sponsor families -

I got an urgent email from Children's Hopechest today about a 7 year old little girl at Trees of Glory named Webit. She is sponsored by Laura and Charlie Herwehe, who had the privilege of meeting Webit in January when they travelled to Ethiopia to adopt their son.

When Laura and Charlie first met Webit, their joy quickly turned to concern as they noticed that Webit was limping and was in considerable pain. Even though Webit was excited and happy to meet her sponsor family, she could not hide her pain and she whimpered and cried during their meeting.

The Herwehe's inquired about her situation and found out that Webit has a leg deformity, but she recently had gotten a sore on her foot that had become infected. It was treated by the witch doctor in her village, which had caused even more inflammation and it seemed the infection was spreading up her leg rendering her barely able to walk. Webit's sister had carried her on her back to the care-point that day, so she could meet her sponsor family.

Click HERE to read Laura's blog post about that meeting.

Webit with her sponsor family, Laura and Charlie Herwehe and their daughter, Emma. 

As soon as Laura and Charlie got home, they contacted me and Children's Hopechest. Since then, Hopechest has been navigating the complex process of getting treatment for Webit's injuries and illness. Because her family is too poor to pay for treatment, Hopechest had to show that they could acquire funding for her care. Webit's family then had to get several stamps and approvals and paperwork to refer her for treatment at a clinic in Addis. Once she was seen there, the doctor diagnosed a type of cancer that had caused the original deformity which made her susceptible to infection. Hopechest and the staff in Ethiopia have been working on getting her admitted to the hospital for treatment - and today Webit took a turn for the worse.

Her medical card had just been appoved and she has now been admitted to the Black Lion Medical Hospital in Ethiopia and will be seen by her original doctor tomorrow.

Your urgent, intercessory prayer is needed for healing and comfort for this precious little girl and her family. Please pray for wisdom and discernment for her doctor as he makes decisions for her immediate treatment. I wish we had more details about her condition, her treatment and her prognosis. I will keep you informed as we get information from Ethiopia.

In addition to your prayers, Webit's family is in need of funds to pay for her hospitalization and treatment. We have set up a fund at Children's Hopechest and have asked the hospital to provide for her care and treatment - having faith that the funds would be available when they are needed.

Please go to the Children's HopeChest website at
Click on GIVE
Under "Choose a Fund", specify DESIGNATED GIFT
Enter the 9 digit account code ET2119000
In the notes area, specify MEDICAL

Please spread the word to your friends and family so that we can raise these funds immediately. And please pray for Webit Bekele in Ethiopia.

Thank you for your prayers and your committment to the kids at Trees of Glory and especially for Webit!

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