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Monday, July 18, 2011


So what do you do when the weather service issues an extreme heat warning, and your windows start fogging up and dripping with the humidity?  Until Wednesday, MN is forecasted to have extreme heat and humidity.  This weekend, the heat index soared to 110°, but rather than quarantine ourselves indoors in air-conditioning, we played in the water all day long (and well into the evenings).

The kids went tubing for hours, and the littlest likes to tear it up
outside the wake as much as the oldest.

He looks sweet and calm, but he's a daredevil
and likes to try everything his older siblings do.

It was time for Emme to graduate to a slalom ski! 
Can she do it on her first try????

I love her face in this photo!  First try - triumph! 

He's getting very comfortable on two skis! 

 Even when it started to rain, it was still too hot to come out of the water.

The kids have created a game where they all try to stand up
and balance on the SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) at the same time. 
They play it together and with friends for hours.

 The fish weren't even biting because it was so hot.  Just a few nibbles here and there.

A rainbow of fingernail polish colors. 
($2 each at Target for the funky colors called "Sinful Colors".)

We snacked on fruit, while we tried out the different nail colors. 
Emme liked the purple and pink combo.

Maea settled on the pink and blue, which seemed to
match the marshmallows in her sugar cereal.

I settled on the green polish for my toes.

 Starbuck's Mocha Coconut frappacino (YUM!)
hit the spot while Maea suffered through a sweaty soccer
practice as her team prepares for regionals.

Cooling off in the lake at dusk. 
I love that the kids all play together so well whenever
they are in the water.  On land, it's another story. :)

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