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Saturday, July 16, 2011

We found it in his hair ...

Maea was playing with Wesley, and a few moments later, she reached to her ear and with alarm said, "MOM, my earring is gone!!!!!!  And it's my favorite one!!!!!"

"Well, start looking for it," I calmly told her.  "Where were you when you noticed it missing?"

She started searching the floor, on hands and knees, and she suddenly sat up straight, with the earring backer in her fingertips.  "I found the back, so the earring must be close by!!"

But with continued searching, the earring was nowhere to be found.

"What were you doing when you lost it?" I asked. 

"I was playing with Wesley."

"Did you check his hair?" I asked with a smile.

We called Wesley into the room, and he came around the corner with a look of "What now!?!?!?" on his face. 

With a little searching, we found the earring .... in his hair.

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