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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A welcome change of clothes for a child in need!

Planning for our trip to Ethiopia in November is underway and registration is now open (there are just a few spots left on the team - email me if you are interested in travelling with me to Ethiopia)!  We will be spending 3 days with the kids at Kind Hearts care-point, and 3 days with the kids at Trees of Glory care-point - to build long-term relationships and demonstrate the love of a family to these kids!  The kids already know we are coming - and they are excited!!

Last year - we brought t-shirts for the kids at both care-points - to use as an alternative to the school uniform they wear every day.  For most of the kids - the t-shirt and the school uniform are their first NEW clothing items, and for all of the kids, it was a welcome spare.

Both care-points are enrolling more children (50 at Kind Hearts and 40 at Trees of Glory).  That's 90 more orphaned and destitute children that will be matched with a sponsor family and provided with nutritious food, clean water, clothing, medical care, education and Christian discipleship. 

It is shocking to see these kids when they first enroll in the program - and see them again just a few months later when they are healthier and happier and feeling safety and love!  Click here to see before and after photos from our trip last year - the difference is truly AMAZING!!!

As we gear up for the trip this year - I am looking for a donor to cover the cost of the T-shirts for the 90 new kids, plus a few extra shirts for those that need to be replaced.  Cost per shirt is $3.50 - total cost depending on how many shirts (100-125) we purchase would be $350 - $450.  The same printer we used last year is willing to provide the shirts to us at cost!

Some of the kids at Trees of Glory wearing their new shirt as an alternative school uniform. 

The staff at Trees of Glory proudly wearing their "uniform".

The kids at Kind Hearts receive their new t-shirts.

If you would like to cover the cost of the t-shirts (or even part of the cost) please email me at  This is a tangible and immediate way to impact the lives of the newest kids at the care-points - to help them feel like they belong, are fully welcomed, and to provide a much-needed change of clothes!

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