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Thursday, August 4, 2011

The drought in Ethiopia makes this project especially urgent ...

I know a lot of people are raising funds, donating funds and praying for the well project at Trees of Glory care-point in Ethiopia and we are rapidly closing in on our goal!!!  Once we reach $25,000 raised, we can finalize the permits and begin drilling.

The current drought situation in Ethiopia makes this project especially urgent as the rivers are drying up and the large garden plots at the care-point are in desperate need of irrigation.  Several people have inquired about the scope of this project and what is being funded ...

This project includes much more than a well.  Twenty years ago, this site was used for a Japanese construction firm, which had a well that was plumbed to the buildings and the showers, toilets, sinks and faucets - a very rare luxury in Ethiopia.  When the site was abandoned, the well fell into disrepair and was eventually vandalized and filled in.  Much of the pipework and plumbing fixtures were damaged as well.

Our project includes boring a new well - with a 6" diameter bore-hole which is required by the government for a project like this that will serve the community as well.  A generator and manual pump back-up, along with a cistern are part of the project.  The bid also includes repairing the pipes running from the orginal well to the buildings and repairing the plumbing fixtures as well.

Presently - we are caring for 100 orphaned or destitute children at this rural location, two hours north of Addis Ababa, with NO RUNNING WATER.  The care-point staff walks to the river or the village spigot each morning, to fill jugs of water, that they then carry to the care-point on the backs of donkeys.  That water is used for drinking, cooking and washing - for 100 children.

In September, 40 more children will be enrolling at the care-point, and the staff plans to be able to expand to 300+ children once we have a well on the property!!

Right now - we are only $8, 275 away from that goal!!!

I am leading a team of volunteers to Ethiopia in November (email me at if you are interested in joining us!!) and I am praying that funds will be raised and drilling can begin by the time we travel!

To make a donation to the Trees of Glory well ...
Go to, click on GIVE
Select DESIGNATED GIFT and specify the dollar amount of your donation
In the Reference Number, specify ET2119000
In the Notes area, specify TOG WELL

Please send me a quick email at if you make a donation so I can add it to our live tally and keep you updated.

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Shonni said...

Praying for your goal to be met!!!!!!!