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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sure Sign of a Great Weekend!

This is the last photo on my memory card for this weekend - and it's a sure sign of a great weekend at the lake when you have a dozen wet towels hanging over the railing at the end of the day!

Emme and Jayden have a running challenge to see who can get up first on a new piece of water equipment.  Neither one of them comes right out and says it - but they are both eager to be the first to try and they only allow each other 3 tries before it's the other's turn.  A few weekends ago, they tried wakeboarding and wake-surfing at our friends, the Grahams.  And this last weekend, they both tried wake-skating and got up within the first few tries!


Maea prefers the knee-board and gets some good air on her jumps.

Wesley likes the kneeboard too - although it's pretty easy for him since he weighs about as much as a baby bird.  He can balance on the board while he waits for the boat to circle around and drop the rope in his lap.

And when he gets bored and tired while the other kids take their turns, he has the rear-view mirror to entertain himself.

Overall - a great weekend full of family time and fun.

That's Jay wake-skating and me driving and photographing him
in the rear view mirror (I am a multi-tasker :)

If you sit on the SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard), it's easy to take a
little one along for the ride.  Wesley sat on the back for over
an hour, pretending to fish from the back of the board
with a long piece of sea-grass.


KLT said...

Looks like fabulous family fun to me! [I particularly love the father-son canon-ball shot :) ]

Unknown said...

I'm jealous of all the water skills your family has. I'm just a teeny bit leery around water and am always envious of people who water ski and do other water stuff.

So great to see a family having such a good time together--it made me smile!