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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


We spent a lot of time on the lake this summer with the kids.  After trying skiing, slalom skiing, wake-boarding and knee-boarding, both Emme and Jayden decided that wake-skating is their favorite!

This is a wake-skate - a wooden "board" with a slight curve to it and a smooth bottom.  A small "fin" is screwed to the bottom at the front and back edge.

The top surface of the wake-skate is a spongy, rubber material so that your feet have a gripping surface.  That's all there is to it.  Very simple and easy to use once you get the hang of it.  Jay really liked it too because when you fall, your feet are not secured into boots that can twist and injure a knee. 

She makes it look so effortless and graceful, doesn't she?

I love this picture that shows how clean and sharp she can cut through the water!

How low can she go???

About THAT low! :)

By the end of the summer, I had folder upon folder upon folder full of photographs of all the kids skating or skiing or tubing.  And after awhile, they all started to look the same.  So as the summer wound to an end, I started to try to snap a photo in the split second as they wiped out.  This became entertaining as we looked at the photos later and voted on who had the best wipe outs!

Jayden also became very adept at wake-skating and is all smiles when it is his turn.

And his wipe-outs are just as impressive!

Wesley prefers to go tubing and knee-boarding and enjoys watching his brother and sister wipe-out. :)

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