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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What's that in my cup holder??


It's a salamander, of course.

Doesn't everyone end up with a salamander in their cup holder from time to time? :)

Sometimes I see small creatures crossing the road on my drive home from work, so I bring them home.  You've done that too, right?

OK - so I don't pick up racoons or possums or things like that.  But the occasional turtle or salamander?  You bet! 

When I picked up Wesley from pre-school and we were walking to the car holding hands, I bent down to his eye level with a very serious look on my face and said "I have a very important job for you to do."  And he immediately knew I had something for him to hold on the drive home.  And then he gets to be the one who bursts in the front door holding the turtle or salamander.

He can barely contain himself as I unbuckle him from the car seat, and then he throws open the door and yells "Kids, guess what I have!!!???!!!"  (I think he got that saying from me :)

Usually at this point, Emme and Maea will come running and Jayden will make himself scarce. 

Jayden watched from a safe distance while the other three argued about who got to hold it and whether or not we get to keep it (which we don't). 

Whenever I bring home something a little bit on the slimy side, Jayden, who prides himself on being brave and strong, positions himself in the farthest room exactly opposite of where the slimy thing is. 

As we finished taking pictures, I called for him one more time asking if he wanted to hold the salamander or have his picture taken with it.  He emphatically replied "No way - I am not touching that!"  I tried to get a picture of him running way, but he was too fast. :)

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