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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mom! Don't put those pictures on your blog!

Every day this week was a crazier day than the one before.  First it was twin day, then pajama day, then decade day, then class color day and it all culiminated with school spirit day leading up to the Homecoming football game and dance.

A few months back, my oldest daughter and I made a quick shopping excursion to Macy's to find a Homecoming dress.  The very first one she picked, is the one we bought after trying on 20-30 just to make sure.  I guess we both should have trusted her first instinct and saved a bunch of time.  :)

With a pile of dresses draped over my arm, I flagged down a stressed and tired looking employee and asked how many dresses we were allowed to take into the dressing room.  She looked at me and looked at the pile of dresses, and said "I'll make you a deal.  If you hang up every dress you try on and put it back on the rack.  You can take in as many as you want."  "Deal!" I said as we swept into a dressing room with the entire pile.  We emerged about 20 minutes later, after narrowing 20-30 dresses down to 3 favorites and finally selecting the favorite.

The evening of the dance - she asked me to help her with her hair and make-up.  I'm a bit biased, of course, but I think she looked beautiful! :)  Below - a few hours before the dance, playing soccer.

Here's the entertaining part .... For me to get a few good shots like the ones above.  I have to patiently wait through goofy shots like this (below).



"Mo-ooooom!  You didn't take that picture did you???!!!" 
"No Emme, of course I didn't take that picture" 
"Yes - you did, I heard it click". 
"No - you must have imgained that."


 She finds herself extremely amusing. :)


"Mo-oooom!  Are you going to put those on your blog?!?!?"

"No - Emme.  Would I do that???"




Maea was genuinely excited for Emme and hovered close by providing advice and recommendations as I did Emme's hair and make-up.

 Emme and 8 of her closest girlfriends gathered at a friend's house for pictures before the dance.

Ticket to her first high school homecoming dance.

Homecoming dress.

Watching this group of little girls become beautiful, confident young women.


Unknown said...

Wow I can really see her grandma Jean in her expressions. A beautiful young lady, you and Jay must be very proud.

Karla said...

Emme - Such a doll! Hope they all had a blast! Hurts a bit - slow down, baby girl! :o)

Olivia said...

Emme - you are so pretty!! :) Love your dress!

Angela said...

Wow she is beautiful!

Apryl said...

What a sweet post--and wonderful pictures :)