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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Beads Can Build a School!

Every time I go to Ethiopia, I search the local markets for these beautiful beaded necklaces and bracelets that are made by hand - each bead rolled individually from brightly colored magazine paper and dipped in lacquer. 

Every single bead is unique because it is cut and rolled from a magazine page.  Oftentimes, I can make out writing (usually in Amheric) on each individual bead from the print of the magazine. 

These beads are made by widows or women who are living in extreme poverty and they are able to provide for themselves and their children with their creativity!

Apryl Harbaugh will be travelling to Ethiopia with me in November and this will be her third trip to work with the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory CarePoints. 

She has purchased these beautiful and colorful beads (created by women in Africa) and together with a group of Senior High girls (who strung the beads by hand) she has created these beautiful bracelets and earrings with all proceeds going to help build a new school at Kind Hearts CarePoint! 

With a new school, Kind Hearts will be able to enroll 150 more orphaned and destitute children and provide nutritious food, clean water, clothing, medical care and Christian Discipleship.

Please click on the link below for Apryl's blog to make an online purchase (bracelets are only $10 and earrings are only $5) and help build a new school in Ethiopia!!! 

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