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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Little things can make a big difference ...

Last November in Ethiopia, we noticed how tattered and torn the kids' uniforms were at Kind Hearts.  Cuffs were unravelling, holes were patched (and sometimes not) and zippers were broken.  Which makes sense since they wear them almost every day and they were well over a year old.

Last November, the newest kids didn't even have uniforms yet!

So our sponsor families donated funds to provide a new school uniform for each child at Kind Hearts.

Imagine the kids' suprise and delight to start out the new school year with brand new uniforms!!  ALL 150 kids got a new school uniform in Kind Hearts colors of light blue! 
Thank you to all of our Kind Hearts sponsor families for faithfully supporting your sponsor child and making sure they have these important little things that mean so much and make the school year a little better!

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