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Monday, September 17, 2012

Time flies .. when you're busy!

Two weeks ago, the kids started school and I'm thankful to have them back on a regular schedule.  With two parents working full-time, summer can be extremely hectic trying to get 4 kids to  their scheduled activities.

 Emme (10th grade) and Maea (9th grade)

 The high-school and middle school kids get picked up first,
then the buses return for the elementary kids.

 Wesley (kindergarten) and Jayden (4th grade)

 Wesley was so brave for his first day of school and was happy to be
getting on the bus with the other big kids and his brother.
Wesley was so brave for his first day of kindergarten and was all smiles and full of confidence.  He was finally getting to go on the bus with the "big" kids and his brother.  Jayden did a great job making sure Wesley felt comfortable getting off and on the bus, but it was cute to see Wesley turn back at the last minute as his confidence wavered for just a moment.

He looked over his shouder at me and said, "Mom, are you sure this is the right bus?"  Then he turned and took a few steps toward us before Jayden's arm shot out and guided him back toward the bus.  He then waved happily to us from the window as the bus headed toward school.

School soccer season is in full-swing and both girls were very happy to make their respective teams. Try-outs were tough this year and I have never seen them so stressed about the outcome.

Jayden was playing his first year of tackle football (4th grade) and was loving it ... until he broke his big toe at a neighborhood game with his buddies. He is now out for the season until it fully heals. Wow - keeping an extremely active kid out of gym, recess, sports and all activities is really tough!



Tobi Wright said...

The kids look great! Hoping Jayden's toe heals quickly. I love summer but I'm always ready for the structure school provides.

Apryl said...

I wondered about the toe! Eli just started football (he's currently obsessed), but I've always been certain the bone breaks will be in my own backyard! Poor guy (and poor mom and dad!).

KLT said...

Now I am really in awe of your photography skills: that was a pretty awesome picture of six high school/middle school students!