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Monday, September 10, 2012

Overwhelmed by the Joy of the Children ...

A few weeks ago, Devin Qureshi was in Ethiopia for her adoption and she was able to visit Trees of Glory CarePoint with Jessica Irvin.  Devin was able to meet some of the new kids that are being enrolled at Trees of Glory care-point and one of the new kids, Fanose, is now her sponsor child!
Here is a note from Devin about her visit to TOG and several photos ...
Trees of Glory came into my heart over a year ago, when I was invited to a fundraiser to help raise money for a well at a center in Ethiopia. I would have never dreamed that just one month ago I would be visiting Simret and all of the beautiful children at Trees of Glory. I am forever changed by this amazing experience.

 Jessica Irvin (left), Simret (center), Devin Qureshi (right) 

I was only there for one day, to basically drop off supplies and visit with the kids, but I have walked away with a mission in my heart to ask God to use me in any way He sees fit to spread the love of the children of Trees of Glory and especially Simret (the director).
I was overwhelmed by the joy of the children and how loving and sweet they all were. The love of God is so evident there. Simret's faith is as contagious as her smile.


I could not get over the beauty of the land and how pristine the grounds were kept.  Simret is so proud of her cows, chickens, land, school and her beautiful children. She kept telling us over and over how thankful she is for all that the Lord has provided through Children’s HopeChest.

My most memorable moment was meeting my sponsor child Fanose. She is so lovely and warm and sweet. My heart was so full, and to be able to hug her and actually meet her was such an honor.

When I pray for her, my hope is to see her again and be a part of her life for a long time. I am so grateful for this experience and can say first hand that you feel a little closer to God when you are at Trees of Glory. His glory is shining all around them!

Thank you Devin and Jessica for visiting Trees of Glory and making the kids feel so special and valued!  And also for being an encouragement to Simret as she manages the CarePoint and cares for over 150 kids!

 Some of the cooks and staff members at TOG that help care for the 150+ kids.

Jessica was also able to check on Webit who is making excellent progress
and her health has improved significantly!

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