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Monday, May 18, 2009

Adding "barber" to my mom resume ...

About a month ago, Jayden asked for a haircut. Up for the challenge, I pulled out the clippers, stripped off his shirt, and sat him on a stool in the middle of the bathtub. He winced a few times as I tried to get the clippers through his hair - and when we finished and I examined the job I had done ... it was OK except for a few tufts here and there that needed a little further clipping with scissors.

After that first experiment, I have figured out a few things. A few days ago he asked for another haircut and this time, I have it figured out and gave him a nice, clean and level haircut - with no tufts!

1. Wash hair and apply leave-in conditioner (for curly hair).
2. While hair is damp, run a pick or wide-toothed comb through the hair (a critical step!).
3. Lift up from the roots to comb out curls and get hair to stand up.
4. I use a 1/4" setting on the clippers. Run the clipper from front to back, and then side to side.
5. Comb or pick hair again to get any residual curls to stand up. Run the clipper through the hair again. This should finish up with a very nice, smooth cut. If you want, trim the sides a little more at the 1/8" setting.

6. Wash hair to rinse out clipped hair and condition again. Done!

This time, Jayden admired his haircut in the mirror and pronounced it "good".

Below are a few pictures of a teeny, tiny (quarter-size) turtle we found in our yard. He was barely alive when we discovered him and we have since nursed him back to health. He is happily and heathily swimming about in our turtle tank. Wesley has named him "Hulu".


Karla said...

Hey - you've joined me in the barber ranks! Is Jay considering allwoing you to take him on?? I just shaved Carson's head last night - Jayden sounds a bit more cooperative! :) Love - K

Anonymous said...

Yea! I have been wondering if I could cut the boy's hair! I cut Jim and Josh's now because they just get short cuts!! The pointers help tremedously!

Nitro Krycerin said...

I do the same cut for Habtamu. I cut it every week, because his scalp gets so tender, and if his hair gets "too long" it hurts worse. :)

The comb step is vital, I agree!