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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Formula drive for Ethiopia

UPDATE: As of 10:30 am on May 6, you've given $6,110 to send formula to Ethiopia!! Children's Hopechest can now send at least 200+ cans of formula! Keep it coming!!

Children's Hopechest, an amazing organization advocating for orphans, is raising funds to deliver a specialized baby formula for malnourished infants at the AWAA transition home in Ethiopia. Please visit Tom Davis' blog (President of Children's Hopechest) for more information and to donate - or click the image below to make a secure and immediate donation and help save the life of a child.

We personally know of several families whose babies are alive and thriving because of this specialized formula. These babies arrived at the Transition Home in such a severe state, AWAA did not know if they would even survive. These sweet babies are so frail and sickly, oftentimes their bodies cannot even tolerate a normal infant formula. But once they were started on Nutramagin, they have started gaining weight, their eyes have begun to sparkle again, and the will to live and fight for survival is blossoming. AWAA has specifically asked travelling families to bring this specialized formula in their luggage - and Children's Hopechest is also helping with this great need.

Ethiopia Urgent Need

Tom Davis (Hopechest) posted about the formula drive on his blog yesterday and by today $3,000 has already been raised towards their goal of $12,500. Every little bit makes a big difference to a child and to the family that will welcome that child into their arms!!

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