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Thursday, May 7, 2009


Six months ago today, on December 7, we stumbled off the plane after 30+ hours of travel from Ethiopia. That day seems so far away and yet it is still fresh in my mind. We barely knew these little boys that would quickly become such an integral and natural part of our family. Yes - being wrapped into a family is a blessing for them, but more importantly ... they are a blessing to us! These boys are our sons - they are as much a part of our family as our daughters who were born into it! How can that be after only 6 short months?!?!

The first several months were rough indeed. We had much to learn about each other, and those days can be treacherous, and trying, and tearful ... and transforming!

One of the rewards of adoption that I have really come to appreciate is the effect it has had on our daughters ... to them, adoption isn't a radical leap of faith, it's a normal thing that families do. I often hear them talk of their futures now in these terms ... "when I grow up I'm going to have 2 kids and then adopt 2 kids".

Spring has FINALLY arrived in Minnesota and the kids LOVE being outside! The 3 older kids have started the summer soccer season and Jayden will be participating in his first team sport.

In mid April, we celebrated Jayden and Wesley's birthdays. Jayden is now 8, and Wesley is now 3 (and completely potty-trained!!!!)

One more thing ... when I took my camera out tonight and motioned for the kids to assemble for a picture, Wesley pointed at the camera and said "smile??"
Yes, Wesley - SMILE!! - we have much to smile about!!

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Kari said...

WOW...the photos are amazing. Happy 6 months & happy spring!!! :)
Your family is so beautiful!!!