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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Backyard camping ...

It's been one of those pefect Minnesota weekends and tonight is supposed to be clear and cool - just right for backyard camping. Jay and the older 3 kids are sleeping in the tent tonight, where they can hear the frogs chirping ... and if they are lucky, maybe an occassional loon call.

Like a dummy, I asked Jayden if he had ever slept outside before and he proceeded to tell me about sleeping on the streets in Addis with his mother. He explained how they had only lived in their "house" (a single room with tin walls, tin roof and dirt floor) for a "little bit". Before that, he explained "mom no money ... sleeping streets ... me no pants, no shoes."

Of course I knew this - so it was one of those smack my forehead moments. I am sometimes concerned about him having sad memories or missing his mother, but he is so non-chalant and factual about his earlier life. He readily talks about his earlier childhood, and being hungry, and having no pants or no shoes, and he is happy to try to fill me in on all the details. His English is getting better and better everyday, but he does not yet have all the words to fully explain the things he can remember.

If the weather is nice tomorrow, I think we will take him fishing. I am looking forward to seeing his expression when he catches his first fish. We caught a toad a few days ago and he was absolutely freaked out about it - would not touch it and didn't want it anywhere near him (this from the kid who has watched a goat being slaughtered).

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