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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For Mother's Day - Help us Build a School in Ethiopia!

Kind Hearts Care-Point in Ethiopia is literally bursting at the seams with happy, healthy, rambunctious kids who LOVE to go to school everyday!  The situation and the opportunities for the kids at Kind Hearts are starkly different today, than they were in December of 2009 when I first visited Kind Hearts.

In 2009, we had 68 extremely malnourished kids at the Care-Point who coudn't focus on schoolwork or learn because their bodies and minds were being starved of nutrients because their families could not provide for them.  The kids were malnourished, tired and lethargic, and many of them were sick with chronic respiratory ailments that their bodies could not fight.  The children felt hopeless - and the staff felt hopeless too. 

Orphaned or from extremely destitute families, these kids would not have the opportunity to go to school without Kind Hearts - but Kind Hearts was barely able to continue with school or the feeding program because funding had dried up.

Today - Kind Hearts is serving almost 150 children (orphaned or from destitute homes) and our small 4-classroom building is literally overflowing with kids (150 kids squeezed into 4 small classrooms)!  In order to enroll more students in September and to continue to advance the older students, Kind Hearts will need a new school building!  With a new school building in place by September - we can continue to expand the Care-Point and eventually be able to serve up to 300 children!!!

For Mother's Day this year - would you consider making a donation in honor of your mom to help build a school at Kind Hearts in Ethiopia? 

Robyn Davidson sponsors a child at Kind Hearts and also had the opportunity to visit Kind Hearts when her family was in Ethiopia to adopt their son.  Robyn has generously offered to create Mother's Day Cards and donate 100% of the funds raised to the new school building at Kind Hearts.  Robyn has created this beautiful Mother's Day Card which she will personalize with your name(s) and your Mother's name and mail it for you in time for Mother's Day.

Card:  Inside will be personalized with your name(s) and your mom's name

The photos throughout this card are pictures of the kids that are attending Kind Hearts right now!  Almost 150 children who are now receiving nutritious food, clean water, clothing, medical care, Christian discipleship and a very valuable education!!  Once the new school building is complete, Kind Hearts will be able to continue expanding and helping up to 300 children!!

Please click here for Robyn's blog to make a donation to the School Building Fund for Kind Hearts in honor of your Mom for Mother's Day.  All of the details and ordering information are on Robyn's blog at

Mother's Day is less than 3 weeks away - please consider making a donation in any amount ($10, $25, $50, $100) in honor of your mom - to build a school in Ethiopia!!  Robyn will personalize this card to let your mom know that for Mother's Day, she is helping to build a school in Ethiopia that will serve hundreds of kids, providing and extremely valuable education!

From Robyn's Blog ... Note to Mothers: Please know that it is completely appropriate to give your family hints that you would enjoy being a part of this fundraiser. You can leave my blog open on your computer (repeatedly, if necessary.) You can send your husband and children links to this post. You could also try making seemingly random comments such as, “While I truly love the snow cone maker I received last year for Mother’s Day AND the oversized soup ladle I received the year before, I have always thought it would be amazing to help build a school in Ethiopia!” Let me know if you need more ideas.

 Card:  Inside top flap of card showing the current students at Kind Hearts

Card:  Back cover of card showing one of our Kind Hearts students, Hana.

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