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Sunday, April 15, 2012


I think it's cute when my 5 year old repeats a phrase he has heard once or twice, and he hasn't heard it quite right - his mispronunciation is quite charming.  One example off the top of my head is the "Cars" character, Lighting McQueen who will forever be "LannyQueen" in our house.

This morning, Wesley was anxious to get outside to play and one of his favorite pastimes is to bring his box of cars out to the driveway.  He rolls them one by one down the driveway, watching in fascination as each one rolls only so far before it is stopped by a little rock or piece of sand or a seam in the driveway. 

He then pushes each one from where it stopped to see how far they can roll this time - and he does this until one car makes it to the bottom of the driveway and he pronouces it as "THE WINNER!!!"  For me, it's a good occasion to sit in the grass and enjoy the warm sun and his running commentary.

"Mom?!??!" he yelled to me from the other room. 

"What Wesley?"

"Will you go outside with me and play "roll cars"?"

"Yep - I can play with you in just  few minutes."

"Promise?" he says with a big smile in his voice.

"I Promise."

"Pinky Square?"

"Pinky Square!"

He runs to me and we do the pinky shake and then he tells me, "When we pinky square there's no changing yous mind, right?"


Of course he means "Pinky Swear" but I like his mispronunciation. :)

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Becky Lee Burk said...

sooo cute! Just this morning Ezra said, "Mama, I want "panty cakes" for breakfast. :)