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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Shoes - Such a Luxury!

When my team of volunteers was at Trees of Glory Care-Point (Ethiopia) in November, we could not help but notice the terrible condition of most of the kids' shoes.  About a year before, Sami Davidson of Little Goody 2 Shoes had raised funds to provide shoes for ALL of the kids, but the sharp volcanic rock surrounding the Care-Point is tough on the shoes as the kids wear them EVERY day to walk to and from the Care-Point.

I took this photo (above) at Trees of Glory in November.  It shows the rugged shoes that were purchased a year ago (on the right).  The little boy wearing the shoes had saved them by only using them on special occasions but most of the other kids' shoes had already worn out.  Once those shoes wear out or the child grows out of the shoes, they then use the flimsy, cheap rubber shoes that are readily available but quickly fall to pieces in the rugged terrain.

My team of volunteers pooled our funds to be able to provide a new pair of shoes for ALL of the kids at Trees of Glory.  The photo below arrived today as the shoes were finally delivered for all of the kids!! 

THANK YOU to everyone who provided funds to volunteers from our travel team that enabled us to meet the needs of the kids!

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Apryl said...

Love this picture!! Seeing group photos like this always warms my heart because we don't get to see all of the familiar faces otherwise. So glad they got the shoes!