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Monday, April 9, 2012

Kind Hearts Video!

A vision team just returned from Ethiopia with Children's HopeChest.  A "vision team" is a group of individuals from across the USA who are interested in learning about HopeChest's work in Ethiopia and who are looking to get involved with CarePoints that need sponsor coordinators.  The team spent some time at Kind Hearts CarePoint to learn about the progress being made there as an example of the vision that can achieved at other CarePoints in Ethiopia that are just getting started!

One of the team members, Jared Lee, contacted me after the trip and shared this video with me.  The person being interviewed is Misikir who works for Children's HopeChest in Ethiopia.  He is one of the very talented and dedicated people who works closely with the CarePoints and the work being accomplished at each location.  When I lead a team of volunteers each year to work with the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory, Misikir is an essential part of our team!

Please check out what he has to say about Kind Hearts and the progress being made there!

Our next large project at Kind Hearts will be to build a new school building (a mirror image of the current classroom building on the opposite side of the playground).  Currently, we are serving nearly 150 orphaned and destitute children at Kind Hearts and we are at maximum capacity - classrooms are literally overflowing!  By adding a new school building with 4 new classrooms - we will be able to continue adding grade levels for the older children and be able to serve nearly 300 children!  As soon as we have details and estimates on this project, I will post the information here.

Thank you to our very dedicated team of sponsor families - and to Misikir and to the entire Children's HopeChest team in the USA and in Ethiopia for the impact we are making for these kids!!

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