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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

CLICK PICK of the week!

Most of the time, a photo is carefully planned. Several angles are tested, various exposures and apertures are tried to get the perfect shot with just the right lighting and depth of field. And other times, the "click" is lucky (right place, right time) and a great shot is discovered after the fact. Here's my CLICK PICK of the week (taken last summer).

We had found caterpillars and put them in a screened container with leaves to munch on.  They ate their fill, formed cocoons - and then emerged a few weeks later.  They tentatively stepped onto one of the kids' fingers, fanned their wings slowly, and then suddenly flitted into the sky.

1 comment:

Nicole Ketchum said...

Beautiful photo Karen. No doubt this young lady is a Lewerke!