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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What's a Kumquat?

What's a kumquat?

I had no idea. 

Emme was at the grocery store with me, and she pointed to a bin of small, oval-shaped fruit that sort of looked like oranges. 

We read the litte sign labeld "kumquat".  And Emme asked if we could buy a few to try them.

She tried one in the car on the way home.  She picked off a bit of the peel asking me if you peel them before you eat them.  "I have no idea," I responded.  "Wait til you get home and google it."

But she kept picking at it and tasting it - the peel tasted sweet and actually seemed edible.

Then she bit into it - and made this face.

Once we got home and googled it, we discovered that the peel IS sweet, but the inside is sour.  That's what makes the fruit so intriquing - the sweet and the sour.

You're supposed to pop the entire fruit (peel and all) into your mouth and chew it all together - then you get a suprising and yummy mix of sweet and sour.


Apryl said...

Too funny! We had a kumquat tree in our backyard when our boys were little. It was HUGE and had so much delicious looking fruit, quite a surprise for the boys the first time they tried one (back before we could google).

Apryl said...
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Jamie Miles said...

Growing up in Florida the junior highs in our area played for the Kumquat Bowl. Talk about big potatoes. That really aren't all that great...but they sure used to be around lots.