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Thursday, May 24, 2012


We have a team of volunteers from all over the USA beginning to get ready for a trip to Ethiopia, November 9-19, to work with the kids at Kind Hearts, Trees of Glory and Kechene CarePoints. 

Right now - there are about 150 children attending each of these Children's HopeChest CarePoints - a total of 450 kids who no longer ...
  • go to bed with hunger gnawing in their bellies
  • feel sick from the water they drink
  • yearn to go to school (knowing that education is the key to breaking the chains of poverty!)
  • suffer with a lingering illness or infection that a simple antibiotic would cure
  • lack hope for their future
Each year - our team of volunteers spends 10 days in Ethiopia working one-on-one with these precious kids, who have already come to know the love and provision of a sponsor family.  Teaching and mentoring, hugging and touching, encouraging families, checking on projects (like the deep water wells, kitchens and poultry farms). 

For most of these kids - just getting the chance to feel the loving arms of a mommy or daddy wrapped around them while they nestle into your lap to have a book read to them, is one of many reasons they look forward to our visit!

There are just a few spots left for our trip in November - Contact me at if you are interested in joining the team this year!  Total trip cost is approximately $2,600-$2,900 depending on airfare from your nearest airport. 

The last few spots will fill fast, contact me at

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