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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Let's Build a School in Ethiopia!!

When I first stepped to the front of the tiny classroom at Kind Hearts (nearly 2 1/2 years ago), 68 pairs of tired, hopeless eyes stared back. Dull eyes, with little expression. Some kids were nearly wilted over their desks, a lethargy and tiredness had settled deeply into their little bodies from chronic malnutrition, sickness and hopelessness.  

In December of 2009, Kind Hearts was on the verge of shutting down. Funding sources had dried up over the years, the staff was going without pay, and the kids were only being fed once a week at the Care-Point. But that was before Children's HopeChest came alongside the team at Kind Hearts to develop a sponsor program.

Today - Kind Hearts serves almost 150 happy, healthy, rambunctious kids providing nutritious daily meals, clean water, clothing, medical care, Christian discipleship and an education! Our 4 small classrooms at Kind Hearts are literally overflowing with students.

This is the current school building at Kind Hearts where 150 kids squeeze into 4 small classrooms. 
A new school building will enable the CarePoint to enroll up to 300 kids!!!

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toward this project. 

In Ethiopia, orphaned and destitute children cannot afford an education. The school fees, books and uniforms are simply beyond their means. Without an education, the vicious cycle of poverty continues from generation to generation.

At Kind Hearts, that cycle of poverty has been broken for 150 kids and their care-givers!  But in order to enroll more students in September 2012 and advance the older students into higher grade levels, we need to build a new school building at Kind Hearts.

The new school building will mirror the current building with 4 classrooms.  Desks, chairs and school equipment will be needed to furnish the classrooms. In addition, with the completion of the deep water well, we now have fresh, clean water readily available at the Care-Point to supply a bathroom and shower facility.

The bathroom facility will house both boys and girls bathrooms, along with a shower in each area. Currently, a concrete slab with a hole in the floor is the only "bathroom" available at Kind Hearts. 150 kids using a hole in the floor - it's not only dangerous, but very dirty. None of the kids have running water at home, so the shower facility will be a much-needed place to bathe and wash clothes.

This project is perhaps our most important project to date at Kind Hearts. We have drilled a well, built a kitchen, provided school uniforms and books, and every single child has a sponsor family they have come to know and love. The new school building will enable Kind Hearts to double in size and serve up to 300 orphaned and desititute children!

Please click to to make a secure donation toward this project. 

Your donation toward this project will profoundly impact the lives of these kids - meeting their basic needs now and providing an education that will enable them to provide for their families and even become the future Godly leaders of their country.

Please join me by making a donation to fund the new school building at Kind Hearts, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Your donation will go directly to this project which will change the lives of many more children!

Please click to to make a secure donation toward this project. 

This project is urgent - the new school building needs to be built by September in time to enroll new children for the next school year!  I will be travelling to Ethiopia in November with a team of volunteers and we will be able to see the new school first-hand and meet the new kids!

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