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Monday, August 13, 2012

Making room ... for teeth

Six weeks ago, we were at the orthodontist getting braces fitted. 

Emme (left) went in with a smile, and came out without.

Because she was fitted with one of these in the roof of her mouth.

I was handed a little "key" with which to ratchet the device every night in order to widen the arch of her teeth to make room to straighten them.

The "before" photo below.

Only 6 weeks later, and she looks like this!

Oops - wrong photo.

She looks like this ... and the ratcheting is done.  Now the alignment begins.

Travelling soccer is now done for the summer ... but school soccer practice and tryouts have started, with only about a 2 day breather in between.

Jayden's last game had an incredible play that I captured on film. 

Look at that form and how he lines up his body with the ball.

He's going to kick it at least a 1/4 mile.  Probably burn a hole right through the net. 

The crowd went quiet as we waited with anticipation.



Jay yelled from the sidelines .... "Nice fake Jayden!!" and we could see Jayden laughing at himself. 

He's got a great sense of humor!

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