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Monday, August 27, 2012

Water is flowing in the desert of Ethiopia!

Jessica Irvin just returned from Ethiopia where she was able to visit Trees of Glory CarePoint. Jessica has been a long-time advocate for the kids and the CarePoint and during her recent visit she was able to provide more books for the small library, and bring much-needed school supplies for the kids.

Now that the well is fully functioning and providing abundant, clean water for the kids, the CarePoint is poised to enroll more kids!  There are hundreds of children in the rural area surrounding the CarePoint who are orphaned or from very destitute families.  With fresh, clean and abundant water available at the CarePoint, we will be enrolling more children for the new school year!

Jessica commented that there has been SO MUCH progress and so many things have changed since she last visited a little over a year ago!  Below is a video Jessica took at TOG a few weeks ago of Simret, the CarePoint director, demonstrating the new sinks and running water in the kitchen and laundry area!!  What a change this has made for the lives of the 150 kids now attending Trees of Glory!

It was almost exactly one year ago when we completed fund-raising for this well project and today it is fully functioning and impacting the lives of the kids and the villages surrounding the CarePoint!!

Please click to Jessica's blog for her full report and more photos from her visit to Trees of Glory in Ethiopia at

Jessica Irvin (left) with Simret at the well-head at Trees of Glory CarePoint.

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