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Monday, August 20, 2012

Wesley is NOT impressed!

By now, most everyone has seen the viral meme of US olympic gymnast, McKayla Maroney's facial expression when she stood on the medal podium to be awarded a silver medal instead of the gold medal she was favored to win for the vault.  Obviously, McKayla Maroney was NOT IMPRESSED with silver.

Since then, her "Not Impressed" facial expression has been superimposed on other photos and a tumblr site called "mckaylaisnotimpressed" has gone viral with viewers uploading their own funny versions.  A few examples below ...

Moon landing?  Not impressed.

Tom Cruise declaring his undying love for Katie?  Not impressed.

Rare double rainbow?  McKayla is not impressed.

We had a similar situation going on today with Wesley, our 6 year old.

Last year, Jayden (11 years old) worked hard to get up on a slalom ski with no luck. 

After a full summer of wake-skating, kneeboarding and skiing on 2 skis, we decided to give 1 ski another shot. 

He is much more coordinated and stronger this year and with lots of instruction and about 10 tries ... he finally rose out of the water on ONE SKI!!!

We were cheering and yelling for him and motioning for him to stay inside the wake.

Wesley was not impressed.

On his next try, Jayden jumped the wake and slalomed form one side to the other churning up an impessive spray!

Wesley was not impessed.

On his last attempt, Jayden pulled himself quickly out of the water, and smoothly swerved from one side to the other, gaining confidence and really starting to lay back into his ski.

And then he had a glorious wipe out, skimming across the water like a greased seal.

Wesley was impressed!

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