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Thursday, June 27, 2013

A Welcome Surprise

The kids at Kind Hearts received a welcome surprise recently ...

With a slight surplus of funds at the end of the school year, the kids all received a few essentials.  All of the kids received a new pair of shoes, toilet paper, two bars of soap and hair oil.  Below are a few photos of the kids as they received their gifts.

These thoughtful little gifts are very appreciated by the kids and their families.  The kids continue to come to Kind Hearts every day during the summer for supervised activities, learning, discipleship and nutritious meals.

The CarePoint strives to use every dollar of sponsorship funding wisely and even when there is a slight surplus, it is invested in the kids.

Lindsey Kerby's team just returned from Ethiopia working with the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory CarePoints and delivering care-packages from sponsor families!  Lindsey and some of her team members will be guest blogging here soon with details from their trip.

Below are a few photos from their trip - as Lindsey and her husband Travis met their sponsor child, Mekides, and visited her home.  Lindsey travelled with me to Ethiopia two years ago and met Mekides then, but it was Travis' first meeting.

The team doing activities with the kids at Kind Hearts ...

The team also made cloth dolls for all the girls - and they LOVED them!

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