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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Use at Your Own Risk

Do you know what this is?  This tiny tin building with big gaps in the doors?

It's the bathroom at Kind Hearts that serves 200 kids and the staff.  This tiny, reeking building with the holes in the concrete slab floors and the doors that don't offer much for privacy.

When my team of volunteers is at Kind Hearts all day to work with the kids, I always advise with a smile, "use at your own risk", and I have helped my own daughters balance and aim while stepping carefully and balancing myself on the edge of my foot trying not to step in anything left behind by 200 other kids. 

Sometimes it's just easier to use the ground outside ... but then we notice that many of the kids have had the same thought and it's treacherous everywhere around the "toilets" too.

But that's about to change ...

Our dear friends at St Joseph Christian School in St Joseph, MO challenged the entire student body, staff and parents to raise enough funds during the school year to fully fund a new block of toilets for the kids at Kind Hearts.  Their goal for the new building - plumbed to the well for water, with a septic system and separate facitilies for boys and girls.  Three toilets and a shower for each side, along with hand-washing stations on the outside. 

By the end of the school year as they celebrated their 25th anniversary as a school ... $25,000 was raised for the new bathrooms at Kind Hearts!!!!  $25,000 needed and $25,000 raised!

The bathroom block is being worked on along with the new classrooms being built at Kind Hearts!  The plan is to have both ready (classrooms and bathrooms) when the new school year starts in September and new children are enrolled!

THANK YOU to St Joseph Christian School!  As soon as these projects start to reach completion, I will share photos and updates here. 

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