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Saturday, June 8, 2013

I didn't realize how emotional ...

Next Friday, a team of 20 people will be flying to Ethiopia to work with the kids at Kind Hearts and Trees of Glory CarePoints.  Led by Lindsey Kerby, this team from Illinois has been planning and praying for this trip and the kids for the last few years.

I first met Lindsey three years ago when she joined my team of volunteers.  We travelled to Ethiopia together and her heart was bonded forever to her sponsor child, the kids and the staff.  She has been planning and dreaming of leading her own team ever since ...

And next week, that dream gets underway.

The photo below is Lindsey's team of volunteers at church last Sunday, being covered in prayer by their church family as they get ready to leave for Ethiopia ...

All of the sponsor families here in the USA had the opportunity to send a care-package to their child with Lindsey's team.

As care-packages started to arrive, Lindsey wrote me this note ...

"I sure didn't realize how overwhelmed with emotions I would get as I opened all the boxes and marked off each child's name from the lists!!

All of a sudden I had tears running down my face thinking about each child as they looked at the pictures and listened carefully to the notes that were written to them. I also thought about all of the families here who are praying for each of the children and how they carefully picked their care package items. I just thought of Jesus and his love for us!!

Then, i would read a nice note thanking our team for taking the package and the sponsor families' words of encouragement as they told me how they would be praying for our team. I just didn't realize going through the care packages could be soo emotional!!"

Lindsey's team will be on the ground for 10 days as they seek to serve the kids and the CarePoint staff in Ethiopia.

Would you also cover Lindsey and her team in prayer?

Team members ran a 5K race to fund raiser for the trip. 

Hand-made dolls for all the little girls. 

 Packing teaching supplies and packages for the kids.

And getting everything to fit in a 50 lb suitcase!