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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The doctor reports that she is recovering well!

For everyone that has been following Webit's story and praying for her ... we got another hopeful and optimistic update today!

For the details about Webit's story and her last minute rush to the hospital in Ethiopia, please click HERE.

Seven year-old Webit's health was rapidly deteriorating by the time she was able to get permission from the local Kebele (local government) to be treated at the hospital in Addis Ababa.  Her family and the staff at the care-point were worried that it might be too late ... that the infection had perhaps gone too far and overwhelmed her fragile body.

Hundreds if not thousands of people throughout America and Ethiopia were praying for this little girl as she underwent surgery on a severe bone deformity in her leg that had been treated by the village shaman (traditional healer) which caused a severe infection to set in.  Her older sister, was carrying her to the care-point on her back each day because the pain was so severe.

These 2 photos were taken the day before Webit was admitted to the hospital. 
We had a team visiting the care-point, and Webit watched the activities from
her perch on a comfortable couch.  She was in too much pain and feverish to take
part in the activities.  She is sitting with Joey Austin (above) who showed her the
movie Madagascar on her iphone, which got a few giggles. 
Webit is on the left and her older sister is on the right.

The surgery on her leg was sucessful and initial indications that it might be cancerous are now in question and we are waiting for the pathology report on June 2 to find out if she is completely healed, if the bone will continue to grow abnormally or if there was any sign of cancer.  Please continue to pray for Webit as we await that doctor appointment and pathology report on June 2.

Here is the note we received today from our Children's HopeChest staff member in Ethiopia ...

This is kindly to give you an update on Webit’s health progress. Last Wednesday she had seen the doctor for checkup, and the doctor said that every thing is going well with her leg right now. The next appointment is on June 02, 2011. At that time they will see the results of pathological test to figure out whether the bone can grow again or if it is affected by cancer.

At the moment, Webit and her older sister, Beliyu, are living full-time at the care-point under the expert and loving attention of Simret (the care-point director) who is making sure that her surgical wounds are healing and staying clean.  Those of you that have met Simret know that Webit is in very good hands!  Please keep Webit and her family in your prayers and as soon as we have any information, I will post an update here.

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