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Sunday, April 3, 2011

For the Birds ...

The little boys worked on a project with their daddy over the weekend.  Our good friend, Michael Schaefer (who travelled with me to Ethiopia last November) made bird-houses for the boys, with pre-cut parts, pre-drilled holes and labeled for assembly. 

Jayden didn't need any help - and he was anxious to figure it out and assemble it "all by himself". 


Wesley watched Jayden fit the pieces together, and he figured out how to match up the letters - labeled so that everything went together like a puzzle.  With daddy steadying the drill, Wesley put his bird-house together too. 

This is Wesley's "concentration" face.

Now the bird-houses are hanging in the trees outside our big picture windows, waiting to be discovered by blue birds as they migrate into our area.


Lari said...

Love Wesley's "look of concentration'! 2 of my boys do that too when they're working hard.

Becky Lee Burk said...

Crazy cute! Wesley's hair is amazing! :)

Apryl said...

What fun!! We've been on a chickadee kick the last week or so and made me think about building some more feeders/houses. Michael did a nice job, what a great gift for the boys!