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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Painting walls with sunshine and love in Ethiopia!

The kids at Kind Hearts were treated to a special gift when the team from St. Joseph, MO visited the care-point a few weeks ago.  Kelly Starr, who sponsors 2 kids at Kind Hearts, is a talented artist and she brought paints to create colorful murals on the walls of the classrooms!

Here's the note from Kelly Starr ...
The kids and the teachers LOVED the paintings! They were so excited and curious, and they kept peeking into the room and giving us thumbs up and big smiles!  We had to barricade the doors with desks and chair to try and keep the kids back while we had all the paint supplies out.  They were so curious and wanted to be right in the middle of things!

The kids kept sneaking into the rooms and swarming us. They wanted to see and touch everything!!! Even the wet paint!!! At one point I was packing up some of the paint and a few of the kids managed to break through our barricades of tables and chairs, wanting to help.  

They just wanted to be a part of it! They just wanted to touch the little containers of paint.  When we finished, we packed up our supplies and carried them out to the vans.  When we returned, we noticed that we had missed one brush, which was left on a table ... and this is what we found ... Graffiti!!! We had quite a laugh!!

The colorful classroom murals will be a long reminder of the team that visited in spring 2011!


Kim said...

LOVE this!! It's amazing how a little paint and creativity can really lift spirits :O).

HeArts Ministry said...

This is incredible! How did you get this opportunity?

-Heather L.