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Monday, April 4, 2011

Update from Ethiopia (Webit)

UPDATE TUES. APRIL 5:  The team that just returned from Ethiopia sent me this photo of Webit today.  They visited Trees of Glory care-point on Thursday March 24 (just over 1 week ago) and Webit was admitted to the hospital the next day on Friday!  She sat with team leader, Joey Austin, and watched a video on her iphone.  She was very sick and in a lot of pain, but she sat on the couch in the middle of all the action and just took it all in.  Here's the note that came with the photo ...

This is Joey and little Webit... They sat together for a while and watched Madagascar on her iPhone. I believe this was just a day or two before she went to the hospital. She was just so sweet.... sat in that chair all day and watched everything we did.

I forwarded the photo to Laura Herwehe, her sponsor mom.  Laura confirmed that the other little girl in the photo is Webit's sister, who carried her to the care-point on her back so she could meet her sponsor family.  Laura was back in Ethiopia about a month ago but they were not able to see Webit again during that visit because they were completing their adoption and time did not allow.  Laura had left a care-package for her and was so happy to see her wearing the clothes they had brought for Webit!  Laura's note is below ...

Oh, that is her!!! =) It makes my heart so happy to see her again!! We left a care package for her while we were in Ethiopia last month, and she's wearing some of the things we sent her in that picture! Oh goodness, how my heart misses her!  On Joey's left is her sister, she is the one that carried her! Watching her leave Trees of Glory, with Webit on her back, following the trail to their village will be an image forever imprinted in my heart.


We got an update today on Webit, the 7 year old little girl who had emergency surgery for a severe infection in her leg after treatment by the "traditional healer" in her village.  Click HERE to read the full story.  Here is the email we received from our Ethiopia Children's HopeChest staff.

Webit was released from the hospital on Friday and now she is living with Simret, the director and founder of Trees of Glory care-point. She is getting better and will see the doctor on April 13 for a checkup. She also has an appointment on June 2, to hear about the results of the laboratory test on her removed bone which specifies the possibility of cancer. Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

Simret manages the care-point and Webit is getting good care in her hands!  Simret cares for the kids at TOG like they are her own.  She loves them and when you see her interact with the kids, you cannot help but be awed by the capacity of her love and concern for these kids. 

At the care-point, Webit will be getting outstanding care and hygiene for her surgical incisions, as well as prayer, healthy food and clean water.  It's an environment that promotes healing at all levels - physical, emotional and spiritual.

Please keep Webit, her family, and the staff at Trees of Glory in your prayers as she continues to recover.  And please pray for the results of the pathology labs too.  As soon as we have an update on Webit or the pathology report, I will post to my blog.  As of today, there is a little over $4000 in her medical fund (THANK YOU!!!!) and we will be notified of the final bill in the next week or so.  If additional funds are needed, I will post here as well.

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