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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Honor Your Mom & Provide Water in Ethiopia!!

It's hard to believe, but Mother's Day is a month away!  Last year, my friend Alisa Martin created special Mother's Day cards and donated 100% of the proceeds toward playground equipment at Kind Hearts care-point in Ethiopia! 

The Mother's Day cards were so popular and Alisa is re-introducing cards this year to support a FRESH WATER WELL at TREES OF GLORY care-point in Ethiopia!!

This is the bore-hole which needs to be repaired and re-drilled. 
Pipework runs from this bore-hole to the buildings to provide
the rare luxury of running water to the buildings! 
Eventually, Trees of Glory hopes to be able to provide lodging
for overnight guests (sponsor families!!) that visit the care-point!! 

 The care-point staff has already begun digging out the soil
around the well (by hand) to provide better access to the pipework.

There are two donkeys the staff uses to carry water from
the spigot in town to the care-point.  The contraption on the
back of the donkey will carry two large jugs of water.

Trees of Glory is located 2 hours north of Addis, in the beautiful rolling hills of the Ethiopian countryside.  99 orphaned and destitute children come to this care-point every day for nutritious meals, medical care, safety and a Christian education. 

Trees of Glory care-point is surrounded by 3-4 neighboring villages. 
The traditional mud huts in the villages are visible from the care-point. 
The children live in the villages and walk to the care-point each day for school
and meals.  The care-point also provides a home to about 12 children who are orphans. 

The care-point has 13 buildings - and many of them are plumbed to
the well for running water in the bathrooms!

Presently, the staff at the care-point walks to the nearest spigot to collect clean water and they carry large yellow jugs of water back to the care-point on the backs of donkeys.  A very labor intensive process to provide clean drinking water along with water to wash before meals and after the toilet.  Can you imagine caring for 99 children without running water???

About a decade ago, there was a well on this property but when the previous occupants left the site, the well was filled-in and vandalized.  Children's HopeChest is currently getting bids from several organizations to re-drill the well - and to fix the pipework and plumbing that runs from the well to the buildings.  It's very unusual to have working showers, toilets, sinks and faucets - but amazingly the Trees of Glory property used to have plumbing to their buildings. 

The pipework needs to be fixed and the plumbing fixtures need to be repaired and renovated.  A cistern needs to be purchase for water storage and a generator is needed to pump the water.  Trees of Glory care-point will be able to serve and care for 200-300 children once they have access to fresh water on the property - and they will become even more of a resource for the people of the community.

Don't wait until the last minute to purchase a Mother's Day card for your mom!!  You can order a card in her name today - and Alisa will hand-craft the card and mail it for you (to your mom) the week before Mother's Day.  The best part - is that 100% of your donation (in any amount - $10, $20, $50, $100+) will be donated to Children's Hopechest for the fresh water well project at Trees of Glory!

Please click HERE for Alisa's blog.  You can securely order cards online and provide her with your mother's name and mailing address.  I'll keep you posted here as to how much is being raised for this well project in Ethiopia.  Please help us spread the word to friends and family - and provide clean water for Trees of Glory care-point in Ethiopia!!

 The staff at Trees of Glory - care-point director, care-givers, cooks, teachers and guards.

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Apryl said...

I loved this last year! I'm so glad she's doing it again, thanks for passing this along, Karen!