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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Fish Story ...

This could be just another "fish" story because I wasn't actually there (with my camera) to witness it myself. But according to Jay ...

... the boys were on the dock fishing. It's spring, so the fish are not very wary, and they were biting on every hook thrown into the water. So the boys were pulling out fish after fish after fish.

Big brother Jayden, was patiently helping Wesley put worms on the hook, and take fish off the hook - in between baiting and fishing with his own pole.

Every time Wesley caught a fish (which seemed to be about every 30 seconds), he'd shriek, "Dad!!!! I caught a fish!!!!!!!  Come see it!!!!!!!"  The shrieking went on and on for about 30 minutes as they caught fish after fish.

Then Wesley's tone took on a higher pitch and he yelled, "Dad!!!!!!  I caught a fish!!!!!!  And it's REALLY BIG!!!!!"  Jay looked up to see Wesley's little pole bent in a big upside down "U" shape, with the tip of his pole nearly touching the water as he strained to pull up the fish.  Jayden started backing away.

Wesley kept yelling, and when he realized that he couldn't lift it out of the water as usual, he started backing down the dock until he dragged that fish out of the water and up onto the dock.  It was a bass - a big, fat bass that was at least 13"-14" if not larger.

When Wesley saw how big it was ... he dropped his pole and ran for the shore, leaving the fish flopping on the dock.  He kept looking back over his shoulder to make sure that fish didn't get up and chase him. :)

Jay helped the boys get it off the hook - and after admiring it for a few minutes, they threw it back.

Then Wesley said, "I caught a REALLY BIG fish!  DAD - GIVE ME A HUG!!!!"

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Mama bird has been very busy ...




I think she's done now.


Jolene said...

That odd looking egg is likely from another bird....(Cow bird etc) I pray that it doesn't push the other eggs and babies out of the nest! Those Cow Birds are such a pain sometimes...(yet have great value as bug eaters)...

That fish story is *great* I imagined that drama playing out and I just chuckled thinking about it! God is good!

Apryl said...

I had the same thought as Jolene :) A cowbird has struck! Lovely pics and an adorable story! Too bad the photojournalist wasn't on hand to fully document the big catch.

Karen said...

Jolene and Apryl - you are so right about the cowbird. It snuck in right after the finch laid her first egg. We looked it up in our bird book and saw that oftentimes the cowbird throws the other eggs out of the nest. We'll be watching to see what happens when they hatch! :)

Debb said...

Awwwww......sweet post! YIKES! I don't like the sounds of the cow bird hurting the other finch babes!!! :( Sap that I am, I am going to pray for those little baby birds! God cares for even them, right!?! :) The "fish story" rocks! LOVE IT! Will have to share that one with Jeff, being a fisherman himself he will get a kick out of that one! :)

Karen ~ I search for words to THANK YOU, and I cannot seem to find ones that could possibly express to you my heart. YOU had SUCH an integral part in opening our eyes and heart to ET for adoption! You have been such an encourager and prayer warrior along our journey, that I just cannot even BEGIN to Thank You! YOU helped God bring us to our son!!!!! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!!!!! You so bless me!!!!!